Bainsville, Ontario - March 8, 2006

Technology Trade Consulting Inc. (TTC Canada) is pleased to announce that preliminary data obtained from a trial run conducted with the OpTest Online Dirt In-Speck-tor at a Canadian pulp mill showed better than expected results.

The trial tested the ability of the analyzer to detect dirt and analyze data on a moving textured pulp sheet at speeds of up to 400m/min under demanding environmental conditions present around the pulp dryer machine. Measurement performance exceeds industry requirements in terms of detecting physical area of dirt as small as 0.02mm and reporting calibrated dirt count according to the TAPPI dirt estimation chart as described in Tappi Test Methods T213 and T437. Online data showed excellent correlation with laboratory results.

The large amount of area that the sensor can analyze produces a much more representative measure of true dirt levels in the pulp and will by far improve control of pulp quality when compared with the present manual testing method. The sensor can be installed on a fixed point or scanning platform.

The Online Dirt In-Speck-tor has been developed by OpTest Equipment Inc., an Ontario based manufacturer of image analysis equipment for quality control in the pulp and paper industry.

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